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Contact us. Innovation, in turn, can be translated into more and better processes and products that minimize costs and that fulfill the ever-increasing and ever-more complex requirements and expectations of consumers. In that context, many managerial processes have been created and advanced, among which one can mention project management, program and portfolio management, new product development, and road mapping, among others. The following sections bring a detailed explanation on action research as a research approach and on HDM as a decision-making method, as well as the presentation of the assessment framework with the necessary steps to build the model and to apply it.

The model was applied in the Northwest region in the United States. This study aims to develop institutional strategies improving licensing practice of academic research institutions based on understanding licensing performance and influencing institutional characteristics. The study resulted in a new approach that integrated the steps of identification of time lags in licensing, efficiency change analysis, and exploration of the influence of organizational characteristics on the efficiency change.

A super-efficiency variable returns-to-scale DEA model was applied to the time-lag neutralized licensing data.

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The study also included an innovative approach to resolve issues with the super efficiency DEA model, including mathematical infeasibility and zero data considerations. The results that are grounded on the comprehensive observations over multiple time durations provide an insight into the licensing practices of US research institutions.

Interim R&D Management

The recommendations for the research institutions are built on the relationships identified among academic prestige, research intensity, organizational characteristics of the technology licensing office, and licensing performance. The managers and owners of the organization do exist in an agent-principal relationship, whereby the former is expected by the latter to maximize their return. However, for managers to avoid conflict with their principals, they have been tasked with making critical decisions to ensure that the project is executed in accordance with the established plan.

Decision-making is critical to the success of any project, and it is among the most important roles that a manager commits to. The manager has to lead and motivate the project management team and must be the source for the right equipment and materials. Since a project is a temporary undertaking that is meant to achieve a specific agendum, it has to be executed in a manner that is fully cognizant of resource limitations.

Therefore, the decisions that are made have to involve the effective allocation of resources to the various units of the project. Leadership is a key concept that has been used in the past decades. We can select the best definition of leadership and leadership styles by comparing the previous studies.

Due to the variety of people, personalities, and types of industries, too many styles of leadership were introduced. Also, each style has its own definition and specifications. However, with high volume of different leadership styles, the overlaps between them could be figured out.

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This study is aimed to examine the overlaps and the factors that affect the role of leadership in project environment. In our research, we created three essential tables that categorize and describe the leadership styles, as well as identify the factors of the leadership styles. Analyzing the three tables led us to provide the most effective factor that impacts the role of leadership in project environment.

An excellent quality management system is vital for a manufacturing organization to enhance its competitiveness. Over the years, TQM Total Quality Management has become a crucial tool for the sustained growth and support of manufacturing organizations. In an increasingly competitive business environment however, developing the appropriate foundation for TQM implementation continues to challenge many organizations. A comprehensive framework for TQM implementation engages several essential pillars and associative factors.

This research examines and evaluates the true pillars of quality management: creation of quality management environment, teamwork, quality control tools and techniques, supplier relationships, and customer focus. Findings suggest that factors associated with these pillars are significantly evidenced in the studied organizations. Some people welcome change, while others fear it. People who welcome change concentrate on the great opportunities brought by it, while people who fear change focus on the risks.

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Currently in society, the change management has been implemented in almost every aspect of all business sectors because the world is a constantly dynamic community, where the opportunities and risks rotate regularly. The key factor in obtaining great opportunities in this constantly changing environment is within proper change management.

R&D Management: Are you ready to innovate?

Many researchers in the literature field have realized this point. Therefore, there exist many theories about change management. This research paper makes a precise comparison among several leading change management models. Through comparison, great similarities and differences are found among these change management models. Thus, one cannot conclude model is most effective.

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Not only do these change management models emphasize different things, but their application circumstances differ as well. Change management can perfectly fit into the IE field. Publisher Springer International Publishing. Upload your resume - Let employers find you. Page 1 of 1, jobs. Working knowledge of writing use cases, activity diagrams, requirement gathering and analysis, project management is required.

Innovation across Boundaries: Historical Reflections and Future Vision

Canadian National Railway reviews. AB Sciex Pte 15 reviews. Come join our winning team. Strong project management skills and ability to juggle multiple projects and tasks. To hold weekly project meetings and regularly produce reports and present…. PepsiCo 12, reviews. BDO 1, reviews.

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