Haecceity: An Ontological Essay

to psychoanalytical techniques, The Secret Life of Movies: Schizophrenic and Shamanic Journeys in American Cinema. His articles on film.

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Take small index cards A5 or A6 and write the English word on one side and the French translation on the other. Book-reading and written exercises are not for you? You prefer to learn French online? Here are some websites with quizzes and exercises to help you speak French:. Learn French adverbs with grammar exercises.

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  5. Grammar Exercise Books to Learn French!

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  • Le Point du Fle has links to French online exercises all over the Internet, organised by subject. This also improves your grammar as you have to think of things like making sure your adjectives agree and whether you spelled your verb forms correctly. There are online dictation websites that provide audio files and a transcript so you can correct yourself. Learn new words in context with exercises such as dictations and text comprehension. Photo on Visualhunt. Of the multitude of language apps out there, here are a few that stand out with their teaching method:.

    The best way to learn a language is by immersion.

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    That way, you are sure to learn the French actually used by real people, get up-to-date on current slang, improve your listening comprehension by being confronted with words that are not on a vocabulary list, and become acquainted with French culture. The best way to learn spoken French is to watch French films and series in the original language. But where to find them? Netflix and Amazon both not only have a selection of foreign films, but also produce their own series together with French productions firms I can highly recommend Lazy Company.

    Prescriptivist grammarians prescribe how sentences must be structured. Prescriptivists had their day in the sun in the 18th century. As books became more accessible to the everyday person, prescriptivists wrote the first grammar books to tell everyone how they must write. These self-appointed guardians of the language just made up grammar rules for English, and put them in books that they sold. It was a way of ensuring that literacy stayed out of reach of the working classes. They took their newly concocted rules from Latin.

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    The other camp of grammarians are the descriptivists. They write grammar guides that describe how English is used by different people and for different purposes. Obviously you can, because I did. And I expect I will do it again before the end of this article.

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    • There, I knew I would! However, according to the descriptivists , at this point in our linguistic history it is fine to start a sentence with a conjunction in an op-ed article like this, or in a novel or a poem.

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      But times are changing. It is a powerful tool. It means I usually feel comfortable in whatever social circumstances I find myself in, and I can change my writing style according to purpose and audience. That is why we should teach grammar in schools. We need to give our children a full repertoire of language so that they can make grammatical choices that will allow them to speak and write for a wide range of audiences.

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