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Essentials for SOX Compliance in ERP

OME can increase system uptime, reduce repetitive tasks, and prevent interruption in critical business operations. The tool is easy to install providing a comprehensive management of Dell PowerEdge modular, rack and tower servers.


OME also delivers extensive infrastructure health monitoring, control, and support for Dell EMC servers, storage, networking and 3rd party hardware. Download the last version of OME, which is available for Dell customers as a free download. OpenManage Essentials is an easy-to-use interface that can monitor the health of your devices, update drivers and firmware on your servers and much more.

Have a look to see how OME can help make managing your environment easier.

The OME Portal is the place to go for a high level view of your datacenter. Charts give the administrator insight into hardware alerts, device health status and the types of devices being managed. Information that used to be obtained through navigating through the product can now be seen from a few clicks on the portal page. The Homepage content is pinned which can be moved around and resized on the page to customize the view.

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Additional reports can be added to the portal page to provide additional information at a glance. Figure 1: OME reports.

ICS456: Essentials for NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection

The device tree gives the administrator the ability to see the different categories of devices in the datacenter along with a "roll-up" health status. Clicking on the top level node for each category e.

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Clicking on the device itself will show the extensive hardware inventory that was collected along with alerts and system event SEL logs. Right-click options provide a quick way to remotely connect as well as launch the element managers of the device.

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Figure 2: OME Device tree. The alert console is a full screen version of the alert web part on the OME portal page. It provides extensive filtering and sorting capabilities and allows you to drill down into the message to see all the details on the SNMP alert. OME allows you to set up rules to email alert information as well as launch applications and ignore unimportant alerts.

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Figure 3: OpenManage Essentials Alerts. After your servers are discovered and inventoried, the patch compliance report is automatically run against the software catalog to show what firmware, BIOS, and drivers might be out of date. Drilling into the chart will bring up a list of servers along with the recommended updates. Bringing your servers up to date with the latest drivers is as easy as checking the servers and software update packages and hitting the "Apply" button. OME includes the ability to create your own command line tasks to target to your group of servers.

Announcing the Splunk Essentials for the Financial Services Industry App

OME collects a tremendous amount of hardware data. The report section is the place to go to view the inventory data for all of your systems in one location.

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  • Announcing the Splunk Essentials for the Financial Services Industry App;
  • The grid reports also have a powerful sorting and filtering feature to let you customize the way you view your data. The job of an enterprise app store is to give business people a convenient way to request the apps they need. But actual delivery of the apps is best handled by enterprise deployment tools. By tightly integrating your app store with a deployment tool such as SCCM, you can take advantage of software distribution, status messages, and machine inventory and collections for detailed reporting and access control without adding services or agents to your environment.

    The following list focuses specifically on ways integration with SCCM can make your app store more efficient, effective and successful. Many of the capabilities in the list are also available as a result of integration with other deployment tools.