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Other divisions of the Ark include station sections and docks with alpha-numeric designations, such as Section 17 , the location of the room where The Culling took place and B dock , the location where the Delinquents' Exodus ship was launched from. Go-Sci and the Ark's other ring stations rotate to create artificial gravity using centripetal force. The station has a United States flag on it, implying that much of Go-Sci was converted from the original United States national station. Go-Sci is the location of the key command and operations sections of the Ark.

It was also left behind in orbit when the rest of the Ark was de-orbited and is the only remaining Ark component in space after Project Exodus. Jaha stayed behind on this station before returning to Earth. Go-Sci Station was abandoned in orbit. It still has power and A.

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Prior to the Delinquents ' wristbands used to monitor the effects of earth on the Sky People, the Ark was "earth blind" after cannibalizing all the satellites in space. It was from this station where Chancellor Jaha initiated Project Exodus allowing everyone else to attempt reentry to Earth while he himself stayed behind in orbit.

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Agro Station, more commonly known as Farm Station, was the Ark's agricultural facility. It is where edible plants and vegetables were grown, used as food by the inhabitants. It was also known for moonshine and medicinal herbs. Agro was one of three stations evacuated after losing power during the Unity Day mutiny.

During the Exodus, it survived its descent to Earth and crashed deep into Ice Nation territory somewhere to the northwest from Alpha Station with approx survivors.. Two-thirds of the population was lost in conflicts with Azgeda. On January 28, , they met up with other survivors from the Ark. Within a week, the remaining population relocated to Arkadia and Mount Weather. The Alpha Station belonged to the United States. It was lead station when the Ark was formed in When Polaris delayed docking, Alpha Station destroyed Polaris as a lesson to the other stations that dissent will not be tolerated.

Little is known about Alpha Station's role in the Ark afterward. During the Exodus, it survived the descent to Earth. The station was used to establish a settlement, first named Camp Jaha and later renamed to Arkadia , at the landing site. Arkadia became the primary home of the survivors of Project Exodus. In Season Four , the survivors intended to use the station as a bunker to survive the death wave, however Ilian set an explosion, damaging the station.

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This station was called Shenzhen before the nuclear apocalypse and may alternatively be spelled "Aero. During the Exodus, it survived the descending to Earth but had a rough landing due to it hitting the side of a cliff and shattering with only one survivor. Hydra Station, often pronounced "Hydro Station" [7] and thus possibly water-related, i.

One of three stations evacuated after losing power during the Unity Day mutiny. He directed Hydra Station survivors to level 5, thus revealing there were at least some survivors from the station. Some interpreted that line to mean that the entire station survived reentry to Earth.

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The Ark's mechanical facilities were located in Mecha Station. Unknown to most, one of the station's maintenance bays housed a year-old escape pod salvaged from Mir-3 in The station's hull has a Brazilian flag painted on it, implying that much of Mecha Station was converted from the original Brazilian national station. Mecha Station and Farm Station are the only known stations without casualties from the Ark separation, re-entry, and landing.

It was abandoned by the Sky People in favor of Alpha Station. Prison Station is also known as the Sky Box and Lockup. It is the station that contained the juvenile prison where the Delinquents remained before being sent to Earth. Those who are under the age of majority when convicted of a crime are sent to the Sky Box until the age of At 18, The Council reviews their case and it is decided if they should be executed or released. It was the fourth station that lost power during the Unity Day mutiny although it was not mentioned if it was also evacuated.

Based on the names, Tesla Station may be the formal name for Power Station. Little is known about Tesla Station, but it was shown on computer displays as one of the stations that separated from the Ark and descended to Earth. Power Station was only named once as stations reported ready for Ark separation and atmospheric reentry.

Humbolt dropped inside the stockade, exulting. For two hundred years his people had been waiting for the chance to fight the mighty Gern Empire … with bows and arrows against blasters and bombs! Space Prison. Stream audiobook and download chapters. Audiobook downloads. Search by: Title, Author or Keyword. Yad Vashem Library Jerusalem, Israel.

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Call Number: Library of Congress Washington, D. Call Number: D P7 D Pawiak Prison --Registers. Pawiak Prison --Chronology. Holocaust, Jewish --Registers of dead --Poland --Warsaw. Prisoners of war, Soviet --Poland --Warsaw --Registers.

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