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In general, elemental contents were found in varying amounts with large range. It is observed that many of medicinal herbs are enriched in one or more elements. Since these elements are bioavailable in natural form, probably in combination with organic constituents, these are likely to be easily assimilated by human Bodies.

6 Popular Medicinal Plants & Herbs

Besides them, two toxic elements Ni and Cd were also found in insignificant amounts as these are likely to have originated from environmental contamination. Related Articles:. Date: June 29, Date: January 28, Date: July 29, Date: October 13, About this Item: Central Drug Res. Institute, Condition: As New. It covers the onward period of 35 years from to spread over two ten year and three five-year volumes.

The reprint editions of these volumes have come out in and Thereafter, Volume 4 was published in July, and Volume 5 in August, It contains names of all the plants, inclusive of synonyms listed in these volumes with page numbers. This would prove extremely handy to the readers to locate if and where the desired plant is described in these volumes. Its incorporation by the readers in their respective volumes, would greatly minimize the risk of erroneous citation.

Seller Inventory ABE From: Plum Books St. Paul, MN, U. Indian Medicinal Plants, based on a treatise prepared by S. Raghunatha Iyer, a scholar of both Sanskrit and Ayurveda, aims to make an authoritative contribution to the field. The original work which drew upon classical texts and current research, as well as the oral medical knowledge of tribal groups has been updated by scholars associated with the Arya Vaidya Sala in Kottakal, India.

This unique compendium offers profiles of key species with detailed taxonomic information. One of the leading features of this compilation is the special technique used in the illustrations, both colour and line, which aims to achieve authenticity of texture, colour and form. The book also lists the distribution and popular nomenclature in English, Sanskrit, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil. The main texts present properties and uses in a format which cites ancient verse texts and ethnobotanical sources. This rare work, in five volumes, should be of special interest to practitioners of alternative medicine, students of Ayurveda, the research and industry associated with medical botany, pharmacologists, sociologists and medical herbalists.

Contents 1. Agaricus albus. Ailanthus excelsa. Alstonia scholaris r. Amaranthus spinosus. Annona squamosa Linn. Apluda mutica. Aristolochia bracteata retz. Asparagus adscendens. Baliospermum montanum.

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Bambusa arudinaceae wild. Barleria prionitis Linn. Bauhinia recemosa. Biophytum sensitivum or sensilium LD. Blumea bal samifera Dc. Boerhaaria chinensis. Bryophyllum calycinum. Bryonopsis laciniosa.

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Cajanus indicus spreng and C. Bichloar and C. Cassia auriculata Linn. Cassia angustifolia vahl. Cayratia carnosa. Centella Asiatica Linn urban. Cichorum endivia Linn. Cinnamomum tamala nees and eberm. Cissus quadrangularis Linn.

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  • Clerodenron phlomoides Linn. Cocculus hirsufus. Coccinia indica.

    A compendium of medicinal plants in Nepal

    Coffea Arabica Linn. Coleus aromaticus Benth or C. Ambeinicus or C. Convolvulus microphyllus. Commelina Bengalensis. Corchorus capsularis Linn C. Corchorus fascicularis lam. Cordia dichotama. Cressa cretica. Cucumis trigonus roxb. Cucurbita maxima duchesne. Cymposis tetragonoloba taub.

    Cynodon dactylon pers. Cymbopogon maritinii. Dalbergia Sissoo. Delonix elata. Dolichandrone falcata seem. Drosera pellata. Eclipta alba hassk. Elettaria cardamomum maton. Emblica officinalis.

    Compendium of Materia Medica - Wikipedia

    Embelia ribes burm. Enicostema littorale blume. Erythrina indica. Eugenia aromatica kuntze. Euphorbia pulurifera. Ficus Bengalensis Linn. Ficus cunia ham. Ficus hispida Linn and F.

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    Ficus racemosa Linn. Fisculs religiosa Linn. Ficus tsiela roxb. Fagophyrum tataricum. Feronia ellephantum corea or anisiphalins rumphi or crataeva vallanga. Assaofoetida or giant fennel ferula persica. Filipendula ulmaria syn. Foeniculum vulgare gaertn or anethum foeniculum. Fraxinus excelsior oleaceae. Freagaria vesca rosaceae. Fumaria officinalis Linn. Galium verum rubiaceae. Galium odoratum. Gardenia turgida roxb. Garuga pinnata roxb. Gentiana lutea.

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    Ganista tinctoria. Geranium robertianum.