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Worgull and H. Kizilkan, L. Heepe and S. Chung and M. What Can We Learn from the Octopus? Tramacere, L. Beccai and B. Ceylan, A.

Biodegradable Adhesive: Corn-based Polymer + Shellfish Chemistry

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Santos, M. Almeida, M. Lopes and L. Subject Index Buy chapter. Print publication date: 10 Jun References Publications referenced by this paper. A universal glue: underwater adhesion of the secretion of the carnivorous flypaper plant Roridula gorgonias. Gorb , Waltraud Klepal. Chemistry-specific surface adsorption of the barnacle settlement-inducing protein complex. Effect of surface pretreatment of TiO2 films on interfacial processes leading to bacterial inactivation in the dark and under light irradiation.

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Experimental and computational analysis of a novel flow channel to assess the adhesion strength of sessile marine organisms. Nawada , Manfred Haber. Locomotion and attachment of leaf beetle larvae Gastrophysa viridula Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae.

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When compared with the five strongest commercial glues included in the study, the new adhesive performed better when bonding wood, Teflon and polished aluminum. It was the only adhesive of those tested that worked with wood and far out-performed the other adhesives when used to join Teflon. Findings are detailed in a research paper published online in February and in the March 1 print issue of the journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

Mussels extend hair-like fibers that attach to surfaces using plaques of adhesive. Proteins in the glue contain the amino acid DOPA, which harbors the chemistry needed to provide strength and adhesion. Purdue researchers have now inserted this chemistry of mussel proteins into a biomimetic polymer called poly catechol-styrene , creating an adhesive by harnessing the chemistry of compounds called catechols, which are contained in DOPA. The series of underwater bond tests were performed in tanks of artificial seawater.

Nanoparticle solutions as adhesives for gels and biological tissues | Nature

Surprisingly, the new adhesive also proved to be about 17 times stronger than the natural adhesive produced by mussels. One explanation might be that the animals have evolved to produce adhesives that are only as strong as they need to be for their specific biological requirements.

The natural glues might be designed to give way when the animals are hunted by predators, breaking off when pulled from a surface instead of causing injury to internal tissues. The research paper was authored by former doctoral students Michael A. North and Chelsey A.

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